About NEST

Our Vision

To live in a community where no one has to grow older alone

Our Mission

To give our neighbors choices for staying independent, active and connected

What is NEST

NEST Service Area MapNEST is a 501(c)3 non-profit grass-roots community in Northeast Seattle. By providing a strong support network through volunteers and trusted business referrals, older residents can stay in their homes and stay engaged in the neighborhoods they love, for as long as possible. NEST serves the neighborhoods north of the Montlake Ship Canal, south of NE Northgate Way & NE 110th Street, west of Lake Washington, and east of Interstate-5. NEST is based on the national “virtual village model.”  Currently there are over 200 virtual villages actively serving across the United States and many more in the works. For more information about the village movement, visit vtvnetwork.org and watch the video below from NBC News.

How NEST Works

With one phone call, NEST members access:

  • Volunteers who assist with daily tasks like transportation, household upkeep, and staying physically active.
  • Enriching events and activities for learning and fun
  • Referrals to pre-screened professionals who can help with anything from financial management to caregiving


  • Family members feel less stressed and isolated.
  • Neighbors of all ages become more deeply engaged in their communities.
  • Neighborhoods feel safer and more friendly.
  • Businesses see more customers and become more closely linked with their neighborhood.
  • NEST Members receive dignified assistance, connections with their community, and can stay in the houses and neighborhoods they love.

Why NEST Works

NE Seattle residents value community and inter-generational relationships.NEST Casa Latina Group

NEST works because we make it easier for people to connect in the ways that they want to connect.  Whether for social activities or a hand around the house, NEST connects neighbors.

Within NEST, each person has something to give, and everyone benefits.