Apply to be a Volunteer

The NEST volunteer application process is simple.  Fill in the application below, we’ll contact you to set up a volunteer orientation (which takes about an hour), then we will check your references and background.  After that, you sign up to volunteer whenever it works for you!

  • Volunteer Information

  • Such as mobility issues, physical, mental or emotional limitations, medical conditions, or allergies that we should know about
  • Select all that apply
  • Background Checks

    We require a background check for all volunteers. This information will be stored in a secure database for the exclusive use of NEST. Omissions or misrepresentation of information on your application may disqualify you from participation in NEST. Affrimative answers to the following questions will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from particpation.
  • If "Yes", please describe in the notes area provided
  • If "Yes", please describe in the notes area provided.
  • If "Yes", please describe in the notes area provided
  • Please describe criminal convictions, civil adjudicative proceeding findings and/or court orders issues
  • List current employer (if applicable) along with position/title and dates of employment. List any past volunteer positions.
  • Personal, Professional or Volunteer References

    Please list two references not related to you. List either phone or email (or both).