Start the New Year with NEST

judypicJoin me for a moment to reflect on 2014 and hone our hopes and focus for 2015.

Here are my favorite NEST moments from 2014:

  1. Our Summer Celebration. We found some shade on an unexpectedly hot day in July and had a wonderful time together. Look for more chances for our whole community – volunteers, members and other NESTers – to come together for food and fun in 2015!
  2. Fall Resource Fair. Twenty of our best vendors and 100 folks from the NEST community exchanged informed questions and answers at our first ever Resource Fair held at Aljoya in October. You gave us such positive feedback we know we MUST host this event again!
  3. Spring Celebration and Fundraiser featuring Nancy Pearl and Steve Scher. 150 neighbors enjoyed Steve and Nancy’s sweet and easy exchange on books, all while sharing great food and conversations with each other. The sense of fun and community makes this event stand out.
  4. It’s impossible capture all the ways you contribute to and influence NEST. EVERYthing you do within and for NEST positively impacts someone else in our community, and I hope this is always true! Between October and December, more than 100 NEST fans rallied to ensure that we continue to be an antidote to loneliness in NE Seattle. You helpped us raise $21,066. Thank you!

As we begin our fourth membership year, NEST’s impact on individual lives and in our community is still unfolding. The more you engage with NEST, the more NEST will reflect you, your hopes, and your needs.

community potluckWe have lots of new things planned for 2015. A few ideas you can expect to see are:

  1. More neighborhood-focused gatherings. We’re hearing from many of you that simply getting around within our service area is getting more challenging. Why fight it? Join us as we experiment with localizing NEST.
  2. Relationships will stay front and center. We want to make it easier for you to learn, do, give, and receive ideas, support, and inspiration with and from your neighbors. Check out our new website and get connected!
  3. Evocative and practical information and services. Check out our events page to see our new programs and upcoming events!

I would love to hear from you. Do these highlights and anticipations reflect what you want from NEST?

Wishing you a wonderful beginning to this new year.

With gratitude and in service,


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