New Nest for NEST – Update

Thank you!

In the 4 weeks between August 2nd & 31st, we set out to see if the NEST community wanted and would help fund a New Nest for NEST. We heard your hopes and ideas for a new NEST home loud and clear. In that one month, the NEST community gave and pledged a total of $59,827 for a New Nest for NEST!

As always, your generosity exceeds our best expectations!

With your support and inspiration, we are actively exploring potential new space each week. Here is an update on what we know as of September 19, 2016.

We are blessed to have had a great team, led by NEST Builder and volunteer, Steve Camp, working diligently on this project. After visiting 21 commercial spaces, 7 churches, and 6 spaces on Magnuson Park Campus,  talking with City Council members Johnson and Juarez, Magnuson Park Directors, and a staff member from the Office of Economic Development, we found that commercial spaces tend to be too expensive and lack community feel and parking. Churches have parking and a great community feel, but most are already partnering with other nonprofits or lack accessibility we need. Even though it is at the edge of the NEST area, Magnuson Park holds several promising spaces, but each of these is 18 months – 3 years away.

The need for an accessible space is even more urgent than I initially realized. Given our urgent need to have our space be accessible, the reality of the NE Seattle rental landscape, Magnuson Park’s timing, and confidence that the full NEST community will help us reach our fundraising goals, the NEST Board of Directors approved us to:

  1. Move to an accessible and affordable temporary space that requires little upfront investment with a likely move January – March of 2017.
  2. Work toward securing/refurbishing space on the Magnuson Park campus with a likely move in 2018 or 2019.
  3. Stay open to finding an even better place than Magnuson.

Moving into an accessible and affordable space in the near future rather than waiting a couple years seems essential to serving current members and welcoming new members. Your pledges/donations enable us to pay any increased rents that come with better space. We are as committed as always to be thoughtful stewards of your financial support.

As our plans continue to solidify we will keep you up to date and invite you to stay in touch with any questions or ideas you may have.

Thank you!