When You Need Help in Your Home

Denise Klein of Wider Horizons, the virtual village serving Central Seattle, has written this handy guide to home care.

Introduction and Overview.
You are aging/living at home or in a retirement home with limited services. You become aware that you aren’t able, by yourself, to care for yourself or your home the way you want to. It may be the case that someone close to you suggests you need more help and you agree.

Or you may find yourself contemplating a situation in which you need temporary rather than ongoing help–for example, after hip or knee surgery or during an extended illness. Perhaps you have had someone helping you but that person is no longer available or is not as available as your needs require. What are your options? What should you do?

This handbook assumes you’ve already ruled out moving to get the help you need and are committed, at least for the present, to receiving care/help at home.

Please don’t wait until you are about to be discharged from a facility (hospital or nursing home) to think through what you need and make arrangements. It’s easy to plan ahead if your facility admission is elective (where you often have several months’ notice. It’s much harder if you have an emergency. If you review the material in this pamphlet now, before an event overtakes you, it will be much simpler to get what you need.

Here are the steps you can take to arrange for home care from a caregiver. Each step is discussed in more detail in later pages.
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