There’s No Place Like NEST – Spring Giving Campaign

Spring Giving Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

Our Growing Effort. NEST is now over 180 members and 170 volunteers strong. With a monthly average of more than 600 volunteer hours, 120 rides, 35 programs, and 20 events open to the public, we can rest assured that NEST is working.

Our Spring Giving Campaign There’s No Place Like NEST begins on begins on May 8 to coincide with giveBIG and ends on May 21. Click here to make a donation online or mail your donation to our office at PO Box 51009, Seattle, WA 98115.

Your generous donation will allow us to engage more volunteers, organize a wider variety of programs, and respond quickly to our member requests. Above all, your gift helps grow our financial foundation to ensure that NEST is here to stay and is a permanent part of our community.

$25 to buy coffee & tea for one month of member groups/meetings
$50 to connect a member with a neighborly volunteer
$100 to mail one month’s newsletter to members without computers
$250 to train and support a new volunteer
$500 to coordinate one month’s events and programs

What is giveBIG?
giveBIG is a unique, one-day, online charitable giving event created by the Seattle Foundation to encourage residents of King County to give locally. Starting in 2019, 501 Commons is taking over coordination of giveBIG from the Seattle Foundation.

Forms of Payment
Donations can be made online at any time using a credit card. If you do not have internet access or would like assistance making the payment with your credit card, please call the NEST Office at 206-525-6378. Your gift to NEST is welcome in any form – cash, check, or by credit card. Click here for information on how to donate from your IRA.

Matching Gifts
Many companies will match their employees’ gifts – even after you’re retired! Contact your employer’s Human Resources or Accounting department to learn how you can double or triple your impact.

Tax Receipt
All individuals who make a donation to NEST will receive a tax receipt in the mail.

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