Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t need NEST yet?

NEST is a handy resource for people who want to engage more deeply with the neighborhood where they live, and may have decided to give up driving, climbing ladders, and/or navigating life on their own. Instead of being about need, NEST is about community and choice.

Rather than feeling dependent, our members tell us that as a result of being a NEST member they feel more connected, and experience more freedom, peace of mind and confidence. Some members tap into NEST weekly at our social and learning events, others consider their NEST membership as insurance; they are glad we are there when they want us.

Bottom line? In the process of neighbors helping neighbors, whether for social and learning activities or for neighborly and professional support, we are creating the type of neighborhoods we each want to grow older in.

But, what if I have helpful adult children in the area?

We are glad that you have a support network close by. We also know that sometimes, even the most helpful friends and family are not always available. As a Full Access Member, you bring 300 people to your team. Some people find that calling NEST is quicker and less stressful than relying on family. Ultimately though, you decide if family, NEST, or someone else is the best resource for you for any request you may have.

What do my membership dues go for?

About 50% of NEST’s operating budget comes from membership dues. Because of the generosity of volunteers, easy access to students, and national programs like Americorps, NEST is a smart and frugal steward of your membership dues and donations. About 70% of NEST’s current $200,000 operating budget is for staffing (a part-time Executive Director, full-time Program Manager, and a part-time Advancement Coordinator) and the rest is for operational expenses like rent, office supplies, printing, etc.

Are my membership dues tax-deductible?

Yes! $200 of your membership dues are tax-deductible. We include documentation information for your records in your membership welcome letter.

Do you offer financial assistance for membership dues?

Yes. NEST is in the initial phase of funding a NEST Benefits Program which will alleviate the financial strain on those who want to join NEST, but know that our membership dues could impact their ability to tend to their basic needs such as food, home, and health. During its initial phase, the NEST Benefits program will provide a $300 subsidy for up to 10 Full Access memberships. This program will be funded through a combination of membership dues – up to 10% of all dues go into the NEST Benefit program – individual donations, grant-writing to local organizations, and business sponsorships.

What if I don’t want to be indebted to others?

You won’t be indebted to anyone; you’re paying for everything you receive through NEST. We understand that asking for a helping hand from a neighbor can be a vulnerable experience. One reason why NEST works is that we match people who want help with those who want to provide help. All of our volunteers want to engage with their communities more deeply, and we encourage them to say YES and NO with equal ease. So the people who drive you to an appointment, or climb your ladder, or fix your computer really want to be there. Rather than feeling indebted to our volunteers, both you and volunteers end up feeling a stronger sense of connection with each other. And, as one member said, “Gosh, I didn’t realize I was going to meet such nice people!”