How to Use the NEST Lending Library

Click here to browse the catalog

After you click the link, you will see the covers of the books we have scrolling by. If you hold your cursor over any part of the scroll, it will stop. Move the cursor away and the scrolling will start again. If you see a book you like, click on it and it will bring up the record for that title, showing you information such as publication date, number of pages, genre, and most importantly, whether or not it is available. Using the back arrow at the top left of the screen will take you back to the scrolling books again.

You can also use the search bar above the book covers. At this point our library is so small that putting in a particular title will most likely not provide you with any ‘hits’, but you can search for fiction, or mystery, history, etc.

If you find a book or books that you would like to borrow, please call the NEST office at 206-525-6378 or email and we will pull the book(s) for you. You can let us know if you will pick it up or if you would like it delivered to you.

If you are in the office, you can browse the library yourself. If you find a book you would like to borrow, remove the card from the inside cover, put your name and date on the card and put in the small card box on the top shelf of the small wicker shelf. Check-out period is for one month.

Return all books to a NEST staff member.

Thank you and enjoy your library!

Click here for a listing of all books in the Lending Library. Please note that this does not include information about whether or not a book is checked out.

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